Wallpaper is a trend that is coming back strong.  Many of us have memories of the dated floral wallpaper from our childhood homes, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  We’re talking about modern prints, geometrics, colorful patterns, grass cloths, and textures.  Wallpaper has come a long way, and there are a ton of options.  There’s even Eco-friendly paper options with low VOC’s.

With wallpaper, you can add color to your space in a fun and creative way.  Sometimes just painting the walls can be boring.  A room may need that extra “punch”.  Start somewhere small in your home.  Wallpapering a powder room is a great place to start.  Adding a fun, large scale wallpaper in a powder room makes a great design statement.  It’s stylish and current.  Colorful patterned wallpaper can really invigorate a small space, like the powder room.  Just keep in mind though, you don’t want to put a grass cloth paper in a bathroom with a shower, due to the moisture.  Remember, grass cloth and bathrooms don’t mix.

A trend from 20 years ago was matching fabrics and wallpapers, but guess what?  That’s come back in style, too.  Just take a look at some of our inspiration pictures.  Coordinating your wallpaper and fabrics are what we do here at June DeLugas Interiors.  So ask yourself, what about wallpaper, when designing your next space.  We have tons of options to choose from, designers on hand to help, and professional installers.  If wallpapering an entire room sounds daunting, why not just the back of a bookcase?  We’ve done it in several of our client’s homes, and it looks fantastic!

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