To us, design is all about solving problems in the most beautiful way.   When you decide to use a design firm, what are your reasons?  We ask these questions to our clients and most say they run into problems they cannot solve and decide it is best to hire a professional.  That is where we come in.    We love solving problems.  It is so easy for us and second nature.    These days most problems are making room for parents to work from home along with their children for homeschooling.  I wrote about this issue last week but wanted to mention this is one of the questions we are asked.  Secondly, some of our clients are downsizing, and recently we have been asked to help with several of these types of projects.   Another question asked frequently is what paint colors are being used.  And another one is what trends do you see coming.   These are a few questions and a reason for us to love what we do, solving problems and making homes beautiful.    We do feel we have enough talent at our firm to handle most design questions and solve them for our clients.   We can look at a room and tell you right away that something is not working, but it may work in another room.  Or it may only take a mirror in the location of where a piece of art is to capture more light and open the space.  It is our definition of what design is.  Do you need a professional?