Your home is a place to rest, relax, and so much more. I love being home on Sunday afternoons and knowing I have nothing to do for the afternoon. There is always something to do workwise, but I shut my mind down for the afternoon to clear it and relax. I feel like my home replenishes my mind and therefore, I can be more creative for the week ahead of me. But most of us know that creativity comes from within or something that inspired us. I do revisit those thoughts on Sunday but remember to bring them to life on Monday. Such as remembering a house we might have finished and how lovely the colors melded throughout the project or the artwork that we worked so hard to find. Balance is important to us and when arranging a home, whether it is artwork, accessories, furniture, or an entire home. Creating a sense of balance in one’s room is what I call a Well-Designed Room. Some homes have a good amount of artwork and accessories we can play with to coordinate with the updated fabrics and furniture. We may start with a new rug and work our way up to new wall colors and new window treatments. The home in the photos is such a home where we introduced new rugs, new fabrics, recovered chairs, new pillows, new lamps, and new curtains. Thinking about your next project for the new year begin with a Well-Designed Room, one room at a time, but with a plan to continue throughout your home.