What do you envision when you think of your dream kitchen?  Bright white or mixed finishes to add dimension and sparkle?  Contemporary, modern, transitional, vintage, or traditional?  Whatever you choose, you will not go wrong, but with so many magazines and websites influencing us, it can be hard to make decisions.

Around the ten year mark, a home can seem to age in dog years.  When you start to feel that everything is out of date, it’s time to make some basic improvements.  When determining your budget, it depends on how much elbow grease you want to put into the project.  Many clients are so busy with work and kids, so they opt to hire a professional like us to manage their kitchen remodel.  When we are hired, we draw a CAD plan, provide rendering visuals, pull samples of all the elements involved, and meet with the client to provide costs and budgets.  Once our client approves the design, then the fun begins.  We focus on classic, clean, and timeless so that your kitchen will not need to be updated in the future.

When updating your kitchen, you can go for either a partial or full remodel.  Partial remodeling can involve resurfacing cabinets, adding new fabric to barstools, painting walls, and replacing hardware.  A full remodel comes with a complete tear out, adding new cabinets, counters, and appliances, and even changing the layout in some cases.  Whether you decide on sprucing up or a full overhaul, lighting is essential.  Seating is another important item to be addressed, whether at an island or an added breakfast nook.  All are crucial decisions to be made during the design phase.

Depending on the scope of the remodeling project, the planning process can take several weeks to even months.  Tear out and installation can add another two to three months.  With Christmas just around the corner, why not celebrate the holidays this year in your newly renovated kitchen?

Get started today!  Your Dream Kitchen is important to us.

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