Most people think they want to change from traditional to contemporary or vice versa from contemporary to traditional or even transitional.  Sometimes they try, but they never get comfortable with the change.  I can help anyone with any style except for me.  I have always loved vintage and antiques.   I currently incorporate a little modern art and some modern fabrics, but I love the feel of antiques and vintage rugs.  That is exactly what the new house on Buena Vista Road was like that we just finished for a local contractor.  A little mix of vintage rugs with a little bit of modern accents, such as the slender gold hardware on the cabinets juxtaposed with pendants over the island, that are vintage in feel, but mixed with modern cool colors.    Sometimes, people call this New Southern Style, and I think that is where my own style falls.  Southern at heart and New Southern Style in our homes.   There is a magazine that is on the shelves of stores called “Southern Style”, and the magazine showcases exactly what I am talking about.    I’ve been going to estate sales and antique shopping since I was fourteen years old, so it is engrained.  Hard to change what you grow up with and what makes you feel comfortable.  Some of that was the fact that you loved what you grew up in and you felt safe and loved.  Magazines and on-line sites are so confusing when they encourage their style upon you, but you can take charge and figure out what makes you happy with your home and then go for it.   You live there and you should love your home.  I do get tired of fabrics after 10 to l5 years and that is when I begin to want a change, but again it is only with art, upholstery, and fabrics.  Case goods and antiques are here to stay within my home.   It is my own personal style.