Styles come and go, and changes are inevitable.  Gold, for instance, came in on a chariot overnight and replaced what you see in all the magazines with the silver finishes for light fixtures.  I told you last week the same thing happened with gold jewelry.  Poof!  I looked around me at market and everyone had on gold jewelry.  Finishes are what you make of them.  Gold is trending now and will be for at least 10 years, if home styles come and go as they have in the past 10 years.  I know for myself, I saw replicas at the market that I know I recognized from my own mom’s home as a child.  It is what happens and has always happened.  If you keep your furnishings, jewelry, or clothing long enough, it will come back around in style.  It might be a tad different, but the concept is the same.  Today’s homes are integrating modern and clean features with old furnishings, and it is so refreshing.  Modern prints and fabrics, along with paint colors, are the easiest way to update your home and make it feel like it is in the present.  I also might suggest changing out the rugs to really beef up your home.    Pillows, rugs, lighting, and paint colors will be effective changes to make your home feel in style.  Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom are the more hard costs for updating a home.  A lot of our clients are updating master baths and kitchens, because they plan to stay in their homes at least ten years.  The enjoyment will be theirs.  Land and new homes are not that easy to find, so your home may be the best choice, especially if it has a little land.

We love where we live, so we will be updating our l5 year old home little by little.  It is mostly a one-level home, and by being in the design world, I am exposed to so much.  Building is what we thought we wanted to do again, but we quickly learned there is not much to choose from for land.

In conclusion, styles do come and go, but creating a home you love will stay with you for a long time.  Hire a professional, if you need help.  That is what we do.  Just figure out your style and go for it.