Details are the answer to this question.  That is what designers do.  Pay attention to detail, ask questions and then the fun begins.   Details and Beautiful are synonymous when it comes to design.   We work tirelessly to find that perfect lamp, rug, or fabric.   We are almost obsessive when we know what the right thing is and can’t find it.  Resourcing, finding beauty, and creating a design will click into place as more furnishings are selected and agreed upon.  Sometimes we call it evolution.  Evolution becomes a fact when one room leads to another.    Persevering has a place in our design industry. The result is worth it.  We go to classes and seminars, markets, and meetings with vendors to learn what is available to us and to follow the new styles and products that are available.   Classic design requires much work that most people don’t realize.  We might spend hours finding one perfect painting for a prominent position in a home.  For my own home, I have collected art for years.  When I see something, I like for either the store, our customer, or my home, I typically will make the investment.   Almost all items or objects have beauty and that is what makes designs beautiful.

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