The 2017 Fall Parade of Homes is coming! Months of planning has come to fruition. A steady stream of boxes containing light fixtures, rugs, artwork, accessories and furniture began arriving months ago at June DeLugas Interiors. These boxes were checked in, examined, labeled with room destinations and stored until needed. First to go out were light fixtures, of course. But this week… oh, this week. The showroom has resembled a bee hive buzzing with activity. Boxes were pulled from storage and loaded for delivery to 340 Fairfax Drive. Busy bees inventoried and bubble-wrapped additional furniture and accessories from the showroom and loaded them into trucks and vans for a caravan to Fairfax Drive. Once there, the activity began anew as boxes were unloaded, unpacked, packing material taken away, window treatments hung, rugs and furniture placed, bookcases filled, closets staged and… “Viola!” And so after months of careful planning, this beautiful, but empty, new house has become the gorgeous exquisitely-furnished house! We’re ready for the Parade! Come see what the buzz is all about at the 2017 Fall Parade of Homes,October 14 and 15, 21 and 22, 1:00-5:00.

**If an empty bookcase can be staged to look like this, just imagine what else you’ll see at this year’s Parade of Homes.**


BEFORE                                                                                AFTER