With most of us staying closer to home than usual. Some of our more familiar sources of inspiration are redesigning rooms to accommodate more than one use.  These days, creativity can come from surprising places.  An office may become the office for two, with husband and wife both working from home.  Next, are the children.  One, two, or three have to go to school independently.   We look for a room, or more than one room, to divide the children, so they can look at their video conferenced teachers to do attendance and do their work.  Each child needs a quiet space and room to do their homework.   For now, this has become a way of life.  Most of us thought we would be sending our children back to school to their classrooms to learn, socialize, and play outside together.   Rediscovering spaces and rendering it on paper is what we do best.  Renderings show clients what can be done and how it will look.  Turning an extra room into a classroom does not need to be that hard.  Some rooms to consider are guest rooms, dining rooms, existing offices, and sometimes laundry rooms that have desks that can be used for one child or more.  I am one of the lucky ones, because I created an at-home office last year, with a custom designed dual desk built across 12 feet of wall on one side of my current office.  The cabinet maker took my CAD drawing and built it.  I specified the color of the base and a stain color for the top.  There is a peninsula in the middle dividing it at the six-foot mark.  The peninsula serves as my working space to lay out paperwork.  My computer screens are centered at the turn of my side of the desk.  To my left is my printer and each end has a set of drawers, including file drawers.  I added a TV on the wall in the center, where late night working allows me to listen or watch TV while working.  I also have a recliner in my office for those nights I need some rest in between working.   For most who know me, there are many 12 to 14-hour days.  I’m not complaining, because I love what I do.  The late nights are normally when I do most of the business paperwork.  I also put some of my favorite art in my office, so that I can enjoy looking at it.  On the window wall are a pair of 1940’s pointillism art (or a form of it).

But, as fate would have it, there is still a need to stay home to work and learn.  Some corporations have discovered that it might be the way of the future, thereby saving corporations money.  The money is saved from rental space reductions, electrical reductions, etc.

Let’s get together so that we can make mixing homeschooling and working from home a little more comfortable for your lifestyle.  What’s keeping you inspired?

God Bless,



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