We usually get our first apartment in college or after we graduate.  We then begin wondering what our style is.  I can attest to the fact that changes happen every ten years of our lives as we set up households.  In our last house, I changed paint colors three times and we were there only 13 years.  My husband was the painter and was always so accommodating to my needs for alteration.  He is an engineer and does not like change, so you see why he was such a dear and gave in to my creative needs.

My daughter’s room went from pink to yellow with a painted sky ceiling and a playhouse closet painted green.  Now she is 22 and in college, but her room in our new home is back to a very light peachy pink and her bonus room has already had two shades of blue.  She now has her own apartment and style, which is vintage cottage shabby chic.

Our family spent this past week traveling to a friend’s house in the mountains and along the way we stopped at all the antique stores we could find.  I brought back antique old mirrors and linens.  My daughter’s attraction was to vintage items which has been consistent for the past four years.  She purchased an old sign company letter “M”.  She could put bulbs in it with a cord if she likes.  She had plans to show it off on her bookshelf in her bedroom.  She also picked up a 1950’s aqua ceramic boy/girl flower pot that she plans to use as a toothbrush holder.  Although, she plans to go into the medical field, she has creativity and style in her blood.  I wonder why!

Antique Figurines  Lamp and Alarm Clock MBedroom