Recently, a couple who had just relocated to Winston-Salem came to us to seek help with furnishing their new home.  They had decided to sell most of their furnishings and start over.  We were honored they chose us to help with their transition.  When you have all the rooms to decorate, it can be overwhelming for the average person.  They made a wise decision to call a professional.

We measured, took photos, and drafted a plan to move forward.  They first ordered shutters for the entire house and then moved forward to order furnishings for their office, bedroom, dining room, and family room.  Last week, we started delivering rugs and furnishings.  We go on all the deliveries and direct the placement of rugs and furnishings, place artwork, and put the final touches on a room.  We feel that is a customer service no one else provides.  If there are problems, we handle them and the client does not need to worry.  Call a design professional for design services; it is worth the advice.