Building a new home or remodeling your current home can come with many decisions and much stress.  Marriages have failed over building and remodeling projects.  Before starting a project, think about some of the decisions you will need to make:

  1. Paint color decisions for every room and trim
  2. Cabinetry layout and design
  3. Plumbing fixtures and finish
  4. Trim molding and shelving throughout
  5. Door hardware for the outside and inside
  6. Bathroom designs
  7. Flooring decisions for carpeting, hardwoods, tile, area rugs, etc.
  8. Lighting is most critical and a very key element
  9. Granite choices and/or other solid surfaces
  10. Appliances
  11. Outside elements: brick, hardy board, roofing, stone, flagstone
  12. Front door designs, transoms, colors, and hardware
  13. Window treatment options such as shutters, blinds, draperies, etc.
  14. Sun problems or other natural lighting issues


The list goes on and on.  From the budget process to the end of the building or remodeling process, a designer will help you make wise decisions and save you money. Don’t let your relationship suffer or go through the stress.  Take the pressure off your life and ask a designer for help.

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