We have talked to you before about how window treatments are making a comeback.  We love simple panels on windows.  They frame the setting to bring the outside in.  Panels at the right height and scale for the window will make the room feel inviting, warm, and finished.  Your home décor will look polished when you put that final touch on them.  Sometimes, all it takes for your inspiration is to find the right fabric and away you go with the end result on your project.  We recently selected the final room of window treatments, the breakfast room, and tied it to the rest of the house with the fabric selection for a client.  The other rooms were solid with tape trim and the breakfast room was a fresh print of gentle colors by Brunswig and Fils.  Although finding the right fabric can be hard, it will be worth the effort.  We constantly receive new fabric books, samples, and wallpaper books.  Our library is loaded so when we start a project, it is easy.  We have everything we need at hand.  If not, we have accounts with vendors that we can research on line and they will send us samples.  Think about your next window treatment and get a professional person to help you with your decisions.  It will give you peace.  That is what we do well.