A master plan is in progress for a Low Country Home in Lexington.  When we met this client, she had many rooms to complete.  We were the lucky ones who put a plan together with the theme of “Decorate with Simplicity.”  The photos tell the story of before and after.  The room is very long at 47 feet, and accommodates a sitting area, eating area, and a TV area.  Sleek-lined furnishings paired with luxury rugs, special artwork, and hand-painted furniture brought back from Russia were used in this well thought-out space.  The homeowner wanted to paint the furniture herself when we suggested it.  We gave her the color and off she went to accomplish a huge task.  Our goal was to create visual contrast and new focus to unique qualities of each individual area of this unusually long room.

See the changes we have made since we last wrote about this home.  Even the dog is excited for the new room!