Matte White Leaf Vase

Matte White Leaf Vase 21″H x 6″W 2 Available Tip: Use alone or with sprigs inside Retail: $210.00 each Our Price: $165.00 each  

Design These Days

I keep saying that anything goes today.  You just have to decide if you want a continuous well planned out schematic or an eclectic look.   You see so much now from internet sales to Etsy to Pinterest.  No wonder you are confused as to what you really like.  I had the...

Glam with Glass

Does your home need a bit of glam to liven it up? Why not try decorating with glass. Yes, you heard us right. Decorating with glass can be a great way to add light to your space, because the light will bounce off the glass onto other areas in the room. Glass has a...

Sophisticated Simplicity

As a collector, I sometimes find special items that I think will look good in one of our client’s homes or future homes.  I think ahead and if I feel it is something I can’t pass up and it is unique enough that will not be in every store, then it is special enough for...

Red Fruit Orb

Red Fruit Orbs Great for filling a basket, tray, or just using alone 5.5″ Dia. 8 Available $15.00 each

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